Hi! I’m Krisna! I write about my experiences as a first-time mom and some tips that I learn along the way in hopes of inspiring other new moms to love and enjoy their journey into motherhood.

About Me

Hi there! I’m Krisna. I was born and raised in a province located about 200 kilometres north of Manila, Philippines. In 2009, my family migrated to Quebec, Canada.

In 2012, I met my best friend who is the most understanding, most patient, most sensible human I know. We were colleagues. In 2016, he popped the question at the Air Canada Centre (now the Scotiabank Arena) at a Raptors game. In 2019, we sealed the deal in front of our families and closest friends in Las Vegas, NV!

A couple of months after this most fun wedding I’ve ever been to (lol!), we were stoked to learn that I was pregnant. We are now raising our lovely boy who we fondly call our little “skrunchy.”

Here are some things about me as a new mama:

I’m an exclusively pumping mama. Nursing didn’t work out for me and my little one. Skrunchy quickly developed a preference for bottle-feeding. EP is breastfeeding, except baby doesn’t get the milk from the tap!

I’m a mom who loves to workout. I train with my husband who is a certified fitness trainer. I’m not shaming anyone here, I know working out is not for everyone and when you’re a mom, it’s particularly tough to find time. But I love to stay active even before becoming a mom. And when you’re married to a fitness trainer, working out really becomes a lifestyle.

I’m a mom who did not sleep train my baby. It’s not because I didn’t believe sleep training works. It’s more because I didn’t think I needed to. I am blessed to have a baby who is a good sleeper and fortunate that I have a long maternity leave, so I really didn’t feel the need for me to get my baby into sleeping through the night early on. Luckily, he just figured that out himself!

I’m a mom who introduced solids to my baby before 6 months and I did not do baby-led weaning. Skrunchy showed interest in food before he turned 6 months old. He also started sitting unassisted a week before he turned 5 months. First time I gave him solids, he didn’t push the food out of his mouth. So I started mashing fruits and vegetables and gave them to him. He ate them! That’s it.

I’m a mom blogger. Motherhood teaches me so much — things that I never learned in school even though I stayed in school for a while (I hold a master’s degree in economics). All these new experiences with Skrunchy, I find them to be the most valuable life lessons, and so I wanted to find a way to share them to the world and hopefully inspire even just one or two souls out there in this little corner of the internet.

About the Blog

Having a baby is a life-changing moment. From the time I held my baby after delivery, I knew my life is not just going to be about building a career, going out for drinks with my girlfriends, going on trips with my husband, doing the things that I want anytime I want to, etc. I knew I now have to put some of these things aside for a while and put my baby’s needs first.

Taking care of a baby — heck being a mom — is no easy task. I’m sure we all hear this a lot. I certainly did. But I never fully appreciated the extent of it until I became a mom myself. Those first few days with a newborn are so hard that I think every mom gets to a point where she thinks “how can I possibly do this for the rest of my life.” I definitely had these doubts in my head postpartum.

Luckily, I had tremendous amount of support from my husband, my family and some friends. Though it was far from being a smooth ride, I was able to navigate this unfamiliar road and somehow get the hang of it at some point. I also turned to certain support groups through apps and online blogs. All these helped me keep my sanity in the difficult first few weeks of motherhood. Now my son is no longer a newborn but motherhood still has its own challenges. I still use the same strategy of turning to my loved ones and various support groups in order to help me through my journey into motherhood.

This is why I created this channel. I would like to candidly share my experiences in hopes that I could inspire other new moms who might be going through similar things that I’ve been through. When you are a new mom, you get thrown into situations and feel emotions that you have never encountered before. For that, it helps to know that someone is going through or has been through it too; and that it is possible to overcome such situations.

So I hope that through this channel I can help inspire my fellow mamas and be inspired by all you beautiful souls as well. Let’s help each other by sharing our experiences, revealing great “mama hacks,” uplifting each other and just generally being kind to one another!

After all, a happy mama makes a happy baby, and vice versa!