I saw the videos all over social media last night. It’s tragic. It’s heartbreaking. The blast was reportedly so strong that it sent waves similar to an earthquake!

My heart is weeping for the people of Beirut.

I think about the kids who lost their mamas, the mamas who lost their kids.

I think about all the families — the Lebanese people who are injured and are suffering from this tragedy.

Mamas, hug your little ones a little tighter today and say a little prayer for the people of Beirut.

If you’re looking to help, here’s an article that lists reputable organizations that are seeking donations to help all those who are affected.

Posted by:KT

5 replies on “Mamas, Hug Your Little Ones A Little Tighter Today and Whisper A Prayer For Lebanon

  1. That’s so horrible and so sad for all those people. I read houses were affected as far as 6 miles away. Can you imagine sitting at home then boom, your life will never be the same. Those fishermen on the boat reminded me when 9-11 happened I was talking to a woman friend of mine on the phone witnessing the planes hitting the twin towers. It’s something you will never forget.

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