This photo would best describe my morning (or night).

Last night my baby decided he’ll go back to the newborn phase —

Baby went to bed at 11pm after much screaming — I went to bed shortly after midnight after my last pump for the day.

Then baby woke up needing some cuddles at 2am. After 20 minutes of rocking, he fell back asleep.

Baby woke up again letting out painful cries at 4am. This time, he was wide awake, wanting to play! My husband and I took turns until baby decided 5 ounces would get him right back to sleep shortly after 5am.

Then baby woke up again at 7am letting out cries that I swear could have woken up the entire neighbourhood, wanting another bottle of milk. 5 ounces and about 30 minutes later he was asleep.

I got up at 8:30am for my morning pump. How many hours of sleep did I get? I’m not even gonna count anymore.

It’s time to clean these dishes. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Sleep like a baby, they said…

Posted by:KT

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