As a first-time mom, I try to read as much as I can and educate myself about my baby’s milestones so I’m prepared when they happen.

One of the rather popular baby milestones is teething. I decided to write this story because my baby’s first teething experience taught me a good lesson about motherhood.

Here’s the story…

My baby started showing signs of teething early on although as they happened I really didn’t think he was teething. I thought they were signs of something else going on.

First, he drooled excessively and he nibbled at everything he could get his hands on. Shortly after that, he started biting his lower lip which initially I thought he was just making funny faces. Then he started moving his tongue around which I took as a simple sign of being ready for solids.

Then came the rashes.

They initially showed up on his tummy and then his back. In the first couple days, he didn’t seem bothered by them so I thought I’ll just keep moisturizing his body and they’ll go away.

A few days later the rashes got thicker. I especially noticed them in the mornings. At that point, I could tell they started bothering him because he would cry and scratch constantly. It was then that he also started waking up and crying in the middle of the night which I thought was unusual because he’s a good sleeper.

I had previously read about how Covid-19 affects babies and how one of the early symptoms is a skin rash. I brought it up with my baby’s doctor who was convinced the rashes didn’t look anything close to a Covid-related rash. That calmed me somehow but I was still left wondering why my baby was getting rashes and not sleeping well at night.

A few days ago, my mom came for a visit. It didn’t take long for her to notice that my baby’s two bottom front teeth are about to come out! I was in total shock. I looked at my baby’s mouth and there they were, tiny baby teeth peeking out of his gums. That’s when I realized all those signs, including the skin rash, were signs of teething.

I couldn’t believe I misread all the signs and jumped to conclusion to something worse. I don’t want to say my maternal instincts failed me but I think it’s more so that I let fear and overthinking get in the way of my maternal instincts kicking in.

I guess as a new mom there will be more of these moments. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that I turned out to be completely mistaken here. Of course I wouldn’t want anything bad happening to my baby. But this taught me that just like anything in life, maybe even with this maternal instinct or mother-child bond backing us, moms don’t always get everything right the first time.

Has this ever happened to you where you just went from 0 to 100 assuming the worst possible case? Is it a “mom thing to do?” Leave a reply below or feel free to send me a message using the form on my Contact page. 🙂

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4 replies on “My Baby Tried To Tell Me He Was Teething But I Misread The Signs

    1. Ya it definitely is! I’m glad I know now that my little one is teething; at least I can do some things to help ease the pain a little bit. Thanks for stopping by today, Nabeela! I appreciate it. ☺️

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  1. I remember when my first baby started teething. She would cry and cry for hours. Nothing I did helped her pain. I was getting quite frazzled. I had gone over to a friend’s house; she noticed how tired I was, how much pain my baby was in, and suggested whiskey for her gums. At first, I was horrified as she explained she had done it several times it was a natural pain killer. I looked at her three toddlers running around I decided okay I will try this. Dipping my finger in a glass of whiskey I finally got the size drop I wanted then rubbed it on her gums. She stopped crying immediately. I’m not saying do that for my next two I didn’t need anything that drastic, just frozen washcloths and teething rings. It will be fun to follow your blog to watch you and your little one mature. Thanks for following me as well.

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    1. Just when I thought I’ve heard all the teething hacks for babies… I hear about whiskey! The teething rings and washcloths work for now, so I think I’ll stick to that but I’ll keep whiskey in mind just in case lol! ✌️ Thanks for following my journey Sheryl! Hope to hear more hacks from ya! 😁


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