So one of the latest articles from Pregnant and Perfect contains a list of the best push presents for the new mom (or the 2nd, 3rd, 4th… time mom). It reminded me of the time my husband gave me my push present. He gave it to me a few weeks in advance of me giving birth. (Read on to see why.)

I didn’t know about the concept of push presents until the day that my husband gave me one. If you’re like me and didn’t know what it is, it’s a congratulatory gift given to a mother for having a baby. While the term sounds limiting, it doesn’t only apply to moms who literally push a baby out. Moms who deliver by C-section or even hire a surrogate also receive push presents these days.

My understanding is typically the father of the child gives it to the mom, but that doesn’t restrict other family members or close friends from showing their appreciation for the mom who has endured labour and delivery.

Initially, I thought this is probably part of western culture. However, some sources say it’s a tradition that dates back several centuries in India or the UK.

In India, there’s a celebration called Godh Bharai where the mother-to-be is showered with gifts. It’s different from a baby shower in that the gifts presented at a Godh Bharai are typically jewelries or other stuff for the mom, and not necessarily baby stuff.

Push presents became a widely-known practice and really grew in popularity in the US around 2010 with the advent of social media, along with reports of celebrities like Jay-Z gifting a $35,000 blue-tanzanite ring to Beyoncé for the birth of Blue Ivy! There are also rumours that say it’s a marketing strategy by jewelry companies to boost their sales.

Anyway, enough of history… here’s my push present story:

One random night my husband handed me this letter and said “this came for you in the mail.”

As I started reading it, it confused the heck out of me! First of all, I didn’t pay attention to the “hi mom” introductory greeting. Seeing “peace offering,” “eviction notice,” “move,” “5-star review” … it all didn’t make sense to me. In my head, we already got a house, why are we getting evicted?! It was only when I reached the end of the letter that I finally understood it — Yes, I blamed it to pregnancy brain! 😅

It was a funny and light-hearted moment mainly because of how confused I got with the letter.

My husband then handed me a small Peoples Jewellers box and in it was a beautiful necklace that I knew I would always be proud to wear 💖

While our baby is most definitely my best push present and no piece of jewelry or anything would beat that, I was undoubtedly moved by my husband’s thoughtfulness and appreciation of my pregnancy and upcoming labour and delivery. Not to mention, his funny note was an added bonus — definitely a plus to have a husband/partner with a great sense of humour during your pregnancy! 😆

Did you know about push presents? What do you think of them — awesome or not necessary? Leave a comment below or send me a message. I would love to hear your story. ☺️

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