I wonder how uncomfortable a nappy is after 9 months suspended naked in fluid;

How cold a cot must be after 3 trimesters of warmth;

How unpleasant hunger must be when your belly was always full in the womb;

I wonder this, and I stop wondering why newborns want to be fed and held so much.

The warmth and comfort of the breast is a tiny piece of home for the newborn.

Lucy Ruddle, IBCLC

This quote is engraved in my heart. I read it a million times when I was traversing the newborn phase. It’s what motivated me and kept me going when things were tough. It spoke to me like as if it was my baby talking to me.

For me, this quote puts everything in perspective — why the nights were sleepless; why the baby’s cries were endless to the point that they reverberate in my ears.

It’s not the baby’s fault. It’s just an unfamiliar world. How this quote made me realize the importance of my job!

I had to make my baby feel that his new world is just as safe and warm as the womb. It’s safe because mama will cradle him until he falls asleep. It’s safe because mama will feed him until his tiny belly is full. It’s warm because mama will hold him in her arms, close to her heart, until he acclimatizes to his own bed.

Now my baby is no longer a newborn but I still want to create a “tiny piece of home” for him where he would feel safe, comforted, and warm with my love. For me, this is the essence of motherhood.

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