Last year when I learned that I was pregnant, my life really took a huge turn.

At the start of the year, I was thinking it would be the year that my husband and I would do a trip to Europe. It would have been our first European trip and would have been both for our honeymoon and for my 30th birthday as well.

Somewhere along that planning, we learned that I was pregnant and I would be on my third trimester if we were to go on with the trip. So we ditched that plan and reorganized our goals for the year.

Now that I look back, I realize how true the saying goes — while you can plan your life as best as you could, sometimes God has bigger and better plans for you.

Whereas my husband and I could probably have made beautiful memories during that 2-week trip that we were planning, we are now and will forever be making lasting memories with our son.

This is a poem I wrote. Dedicated to my son.


You’re My Best 30th Birthday Gift

I was thirteen weeks in
When I learned of what’s to come —
A tiny human has been livin’
And is about to make me a mom.

I felt surprised but also euphoric
I was ecstatic, my excitement at its peak;
But I also couldn’t help it —
I questioned, would I be a good fit?

When I first heard your heartbeat,
It sent me to a world of bliss.
That short but calming moment,
Something I’ll forever cherish.

Then came your kicks and flutters
Also the hiccups and punches —
Painful but made me feel better
Cause I knew you’re getting healthier and stronger.

The nighttimes were my favorite
Though it was hard for me to sleep,
It’s when your kicks were the strongest
But feelin’ them were the absolute best.

My baby, you’re worth the wait
My love for you will never fade.
Mama will always have your back,
And I’ll support you on any track.

I may have given you your life
But you gave meaning to mine.
And now the world knows it —
You’re my best 30th birthday gift!
Posted by:KT

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