This one’s for my husband for I want to tell the world how great of a father and husband he is.

I remember how patient and caring you were during my entire pregnancy — all those days when you drove me to and from work; when you did your best in the kitchen even if you had no clue about the food I was craving; when you massaged my feet and rubbed my back to alleviate the pain; when you stopped me from stressing about the things that didn’t matter and helped me focus on myself and the baby; when you held my hand every time we were walking outdoors to make sure I didn’t slip; when you ran to the store at any time of the day to get what I wanted/needed; when you took charge and took care of finding us a house and all the “fun” things that go with it including the move; and most of all when you made sure to be there on every doctor’s appointment in spite of your busy work schedule.

I remember how you kept your cool when I said “I think my water broke;” how extremely excited you were on that drive to the hospital; how you held my hand or my head whenever the doctors and nurses checked on me or gave me needles; how you stayed by my side the entire time; how you rushed to our car to get our bags when the nurses finally said I’m getting admitted and would be transferred to a labour and delivery room; how you walked in the hallways with me back and forth; how you held the laughing gas tank; how you encouraged me through all the contractions; how you held me to stay still while I was getting the epidural; how you assured me I was doing great after every energy-draining push even if I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore.

I remember your face when our baby finally arrived, how your eyes soften like you couldn’t believe what’s in front of you — finally we have our little family.

I remember how you encouraged me throughout my postpartum recovery. I was physically and mentally exhausted. I was an emotional wreck. But you stayed strong. You knew what to say to get me back on track, all this while figuring out how to take care of a newborn yourself.

Now that our son is here, you continue to amaze me as to how great of a father you are. This fatherhood thing is new to you but everyday I see you grow and become so good at it. You are so good to our son — playtime, feedings, diaper changes, and all. I’m surprised how you manage to do nighttime feedings to allow me to get a good night sleep considering how much you love to sleep. But I’m most impressed by how much you want to set a good example for our son so he would grow up having you as his best role model.

I love seeing how excited you are to teach our son the things you’re passionate about. I love seeing you lull him to sleep and cuddle him until he wakes up. I love seeing you choose his clothes and get so delighted while dressing him up. I love seeing you come home with new things you bought for him and getting so excited to show them to him. I love seeing you notice the littlest things he does and how they make you laugh. I love seeing you play your favourite songs and think that they are his favourites too. I love seeing you show him basketball clips even if he doesn’t really understand them yet. I love seeing you envisioning your basketball practices with our son. I love seeing you talk about the future and how you would raise our son to be a giver and a helpful person.

I know our son is one lucky kid because he’s got the greatest and goofiest dad one can ever hope for.

Happy first father’s day to my best friend and lifetime partner. I love you forever.

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2 replies on “This One’s For My Husband

  1. He sounds like a warm hearted and loving man. You are blessed to have each other, and although I don’t know you, your love for him comes out in your writing. Congratulations to you both on the birth of your son!

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