Motherhood is a non-stop process of learning. Particularly for first-time mamas like me, there are products out there that we previously had no clue about because we got so used to single life with no kids.

In this post, I thought it would be helpful to share what I now know are baby must-haves in order for mamas to stay on top of their little munchkins’ hygiene and keep them healthy. These are items that I had no idea I would need until it was time for me to clean my baby’s crusty nose or excessive earwax, etc.

Pause here: I should let you know that the rest of this page contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on a link and a purchase is made, it may allow me to earn a small commission. But it comes at at no additional cost to you. Plus I only recommend the products that I truly love! Read on!

1) Saline Spray/Drops

This comes in handy when baby’s nose gets crusty. To use this, apply a drop or two in each nostril and then wait 10-15 seconds before sucking the booger out. This would allow booger to get soft so it’s easier to get out of baby’s nose.

If booger is deep in baby’s nostrils, just apply the saline solution and ditch trying to get the booger out. This way you can avoid giving your baby nosebleeds.

2) BoogieBulb

This is very useful with a saline solution to suck out baby’s booger out of his nostrils. It could be tough to use the BoogieBulb in the beginning but you’ll get the hang of it in no time. I like to practice a few times on the palm of my hand before using it on baby’s nostrils.

Don’t place the BoogieBulb too deep in baby’s nostrils. If the booger is not visibly out, just apply saline drops to avoid nosebleeds.

3) OogieBear

Now I know there are mixed reviews about using the OogieBear. Some don’t find it as useful because the scoop is too hard. While I don’t use it as much for baby’s nose (because I use the first two products above), the OogieBear is useful to remove earwax that is already outside the ear canal — this is key. Otherwise, you’re just gonna push the earwax back in.

Just like with using the BoogieBulb, a simple rule of thumb that I follow with the OogieBear is: do not scoop earwax out if it’s not visibly out.

4) Baby Nail Scissors

Trimming baby’s fingernails is HARD. They are so tiny and so close to baby’s skin. The first three times I did it, I clipped my baby’s fingers and it was heartbreaking to hear my little baby cry in so much pain that I caused — even if it was unintentional on my part. I found using tiny baby nail scissors is safer and super helpful compared to using actual baby nail clippers.

5) Digital Forehead or Ear Thermometer

A digital forehead or ear thermometer is an absolute must-have. What I came to realize is that babies don’t stay still which makes it close to impossible to obtain their temperature by using oral thermometers. It definitely helps to get a thermometer that can read baby’s temperature within a second or two.

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