Dear 2020,

I think we reached our quota for unfortunate events happening in the world.

We don’t want our babies to grow in a world full of hate. They deserve better, we all deserve better. Can we please turn this around for the second half of the year?

Let’s take a complete 180-degree turn from the events of the first half of the year. Let’s use this next half to heal from our wounds and the wicked events that we’ve endured so far. Let’s use this second half to be kind to each other. Help one another. Be there for each other. Spread love.

Many people say it starts at home.

Mamas, let’s shower our babies with love so that they may grow with overflowing love in their hearts that they would want to share it with others. A heart full of love is the one that is most capable of giving it.

Let’s all aim to see the beauty in each other and not the differences we have that divide us and make us misunderstand one another.

Let’s appreciate each other’s uniqueness and find ways to use them not just to improve ourselves but to help and inspire others as well.

If the world continues down its current path, I’m afraid it could be a very dangerous place for our little ones to grow. As a first-time mom, it breaks my heart whenever I think of the possibility that this may be the kind of world that my baby would come to see as he grows up.

We all have a responsibility to make it better. Let’s do it for our children. Let’s do it for ourselves. Let’s do it for our loved ones. Let’s do it for each other.


Posted by:KT

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